County Coordinators

The 2024 Greater 大急流城 Spelling Bee covers five counties: Allegan, 巴里, 澳门威利斯, Newaygo, 和渥太华. Each County Coordinator supports its schools which are participating in the Greater 大急流城 Spelling Bee, disseminates materials provided by 澳门威利斯ISD, and some also have long-standing county traditions. Each county has a Coordinator who arranges for the Qualifying Regional Bee(s) in that county. Counties with multiple Regional Bees will identify multiple schools to host regional Bees. Contact your County Coordinator with any questions.

The Greater 大急流城 Spelling Bee is March 20 at 5:30 p.m. at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.

County Coordinators:

Allegan County (1 Qualifying Bee)

Christy McEvoy - Otsego Schools

巴里 County ISD (1 Qualifying Bee)

Richard Franklin, Superintendent, 巴里 ISD

澳门威利斯 (8-10 Qualifying Bees)

Maddy Gimby - 澳门威利斯ISD

Newaygo County RESA (1 Qualifying Bee)

Brenda Burt - Newaygo RESA

Ottawa County (2-3 Qualifying Bees)

Deb McAlpine, Ottawa Area ISD